Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Cool and Stuff :D


Jen and Tommy!

My new friend Crystal!
Adam Lambert with Tommy in the background :)

Ok so while deciding to grow-up I thought about what, say uni students get up to, what would I really like to do? I get the idea of going to a concert, but with three kids, one of which was still breastfeeding, a lot, I put it on hold for a while. So I really wanted to go to a concert. I looked around but could not find anything that I wanted to go to, so I started picking some bands I really liked and I 'like'd them on face book. sure enough there is an update, Muse is coming to Australia!! WOOHOO! in December.... I'm like, but that's ages away lol. I did everything I could and managed to get myself a ticket, I am going with my awesome friend! only a week later I find out the tickets to Paramore, who are playing at the Riverstage in Brisbane on are on sale, Eric offers to get one for my birthday if I can find someone to go with. I searched and had everyone who was interested change their mind. I LOVE Paramore, but it looks like I won't be able to go. Weeks later my SIL (sister in law) agrees to come! WOOHOO! 

My birthday rolls around, I go shopping for a skirt and get a short lacy layered one to go over black leggings. from Eric and the kids I get black nail polish, purple All Star Slims and my Paramore ticket and I'm fucking EXCITED! I convince my mum to let my 15 y/o sister come :D I can't wait!! The Sunday rolls around, we forget to organise where we are parking, so park somewhere that means we have to be back at the car at 10pm. I spend the entire night in the mosh pit and I LOVE it! I could not see any of the performance which I am seriously bummed about, and in the end we had to leave before the last song was played to get back to the car on time, but holy crap, how AWESOME are Paramore?1 how AWESOME are concerts?! Being there while one on your favourite band plays some of your favourite songs?!?!? nothing beats that! We swear as we are leaving that if they come back to aus we are seeing them again! 

Only 5 days later Adam Lambert is playing at the Tivoli, the tickets are sold out even before I know who he is. I'm seriously bummed that I will miss it and I look forward to hearing about it from a Facebook friend who is going. The day before the concert she sends me a link, someone is selling their ticket. I freak out, I mean buying a concert ticket of someone you don't know... how stupid. But I want it. So I email her, then we chat on the phone and a few hours later I have deposited the money.  I get the email and my friend prints the ticket. I have my everything crossed that the ticket works, while I buy my glitter hair spray and have the woman at the make-up shop (inglot) show me how to do AWESOME :D Once I'm there we go for a drink and as we are leaving we walk past a really hot guy and I think  "wow that looks like Tommy".... my friend is a bit faster then I am and ends up getting a picture with him! I took it :D what a Spunk that man is!  We get to the Tivoli and my ticket works, IM IN!!!! yay! holy crap I'm about to see Adam Lambert perform! He gets on stage I'm only about 6 rows from the from and he is amazing, the show was amazing. I love every minute. I am still in shock that I got to go! The only complaint I have about this concert was the crowd, what a shit crowd! I'm embarrassed for Brisbane, to tell you the truth. I really hope he comes back so we can show him how we really are!

At each of the concerts I made some new friends, people I will never see again, but that's me isn't it?
So a shout out to Maddy, Marshy, Cory (from Paramore), Evon, David, Crystal, Amy and other dude I don't know the name of!

So this was me, doing something for me, something that benefitted no-one but me, my kids got nothing from me going, my family got nothing from me going, I did it for me.  And. I. Loved. Every. Minute!

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