Sunday, October 24, 2010

A brief history?

I lived with my mother and 4 siblings when I feel pregnant at 15, myself and my partner moved into our own town house and my daughter was born just before my 16th birthday. We lived together being the best parents we could be, bringing up our daughter the best way we knew how. I still believe we did a pretty freaking awesome job, she is currently 8 years old and has awesome self-esteem and is a confident child, willing to follow what her dreams are at any given time.  When I was 18 I feel pregnant with my second child, his pregnancy was a hard one, involving surgery to keep my body working and in the end pain and depression that crippled me, I gave birth to him in an empowering birth, but the depression was to full-on to get much from it.  Parenting him was very difficult, the pain continued from the pregnancy and the depression was full-on.  The depression started to lift around 18 months after his birth and I made a decision that has proven to have changed my life.  I decide to have another baby.  I decided to homebirth and for the first time I had to take responsibility for my decision, it was on no-one else. I was an Adult, in just one decision.
His birth was a turning point for me, He was born in a birth pool in my bedroom. His birth was empowering beyond belief and something I don't think anyone except me will ever understand. From his birth I parented him the way that felt right to me.
The thing I would like to point out here is that my biography up until this point 100% focuses on my children, my role as a mother.  I, in no-way was an adult, functioning for myself. I believe it's important that certain things happen for each person before they can move on the next stage in life, an example would be the physical fact that a child can't walk before s/he can sit, this goes for emotional and mental things as well.
I plan to use this blog to share the things I do and the experiences I have had in the past and into the future to help me achieve becoming an adult. come along for the ride? :D

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