Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing myself.

HI! Im Jaya, I have been for a little while. I changed my name about a year ago. I was once known as Mickie. I have two middle names now, I once only had one. I now have black hair, as of last week!

I have a energetic and bubbly personality. I am genuinely friendly, I rarely even think a bad thing about someone else. I have trouble judging anyone as I can usually see why they would make that choice. I am a Libra and I think that shows through often, especially when I'm trying to make a decision! I can always see both side of a situation. 

When I birth I do it in style, naked and silent. I birth large babies, the first one 8 lb 12oz (4kgs) the next two were 11 lb (5kgs). I do it fast, for three kids I have laboured for a total of 16 hours.  My body totally got the evolutionally birth memo.  

I am a certified doula, I love working with women in the later stages of pregnancy and then while they labour and birth. There is nothing I would rather be doing.  

My third finger is shorter than my first one and I have nice toes.  My littlest toe on both feet  has a very square nail.  I have a round bottom that looks awesome in a pair of jeans.  I have strong legs and when I exercise regularly I can really notice it.  My stomach is stretched and hangs from carrying my big babies, they gave me stretch marks that cover the lower segment. My belly button has a funny shape from being stretched and then having key hole surgery through it.  I have several small scares from my surgery to have my gall bladder removed.  My breasts are also stretched and have stretch marks that look like lightning bolts. I sometimes look in the mirror at my body and think, wow most 24 years with no kids don't look like this, then I remember what my body has done, what it has achieved. 

I dropped out of school in grade 10 after being teased about being pregnant (I was not pregnant).  I had my daughter a year later.  When she was one I went back to school (2003).  In 2004 I went to TAFE to try to get into university, but dropped out in semester 2 due to missing a couple of weeks when my FIL died and I didn't feel I could catch-up. I was married in 2005 at age 18 and feel pregnant with my first son later that year and birthed him in 2006.  In 2007 I went back to work, first as a relief worker in child care, which I HATED, then I worked as a domestic cleaner. I did that until Jan 2008 when I found out I was pregnant with baby #3. I birthed him later that year and have been a stay at home mum since. I really don't enjoy being a stay at home mum after about 1 year old.  I am currently waiting to see if I have been accepted into university for next year to do midwifery and I am looking for work in the mean time.

I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, 2 of my older brothers and 2 of my older sisters did not grow-up with me, so I'm the oldest of 5 kids. My next little brother is 5 years younger than me, and my parents had 3 more kids after him in just 6 years! 

I have tried home schooling (before I admitted to myself that staying at home was not my thing) but it really didn't work for me or my daughter.

I drive a light green ford falcon 2004 model. I really like my car, wish it didn't use all that fuel! the other car I am an owner of is a 2006 Holden Barina, silver sedan (Google it :D ) that we brought brand new.  My first car was an 1984 silver Mazda 626 hatchback, t'was a bit spank! then we had a silver proton wira hatchback 1995, eew.....

I talk in my own style of slang, lol I includes bits and pieces that fit how I want to express myself, including works like spunk and spank (meaning really awesome, not hitting a child of course), t'was/t'is/s'ok. I swear. a lot. and I often feel bad around clients and my aunts and uncles cause I can't contain it.  my friends just deal lol

I read. My favourite genres easily is Paranormal Romance, for sure. The first books I had read in about 10 years were after seeing Twilight at the cinemas in Jan 2009, I finished the twilight series in 6 days then picked them straight up and started again.  I really enjoyed them and they totally introduced me to reading novels again!  A friend at the time dropped in the Harry Potter books and I was hooked. I have since read plenty of books and I'm always waiting for the 'next' book in some series to be released! I have a local book store that I love and they are always helping me out with my addiction! I don't watch TV because between books and the computer I'm to busy. So don't ask me if I have seen 'X' TV show, cause I haven't! lol
I like Facebook.

The end



  1. That's not the end, not nearly by half ;).

  2. lol stacey, i keep thinking of other things i could add. lol

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